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My Story

Welcome To Our Family,


Welcome to our favorite page of this site! My name is William. I am the mad-scientist behind the innovation. Thank you for visiting this page. My wife Jenn, our 4 daughters, Bella and Eva, Tiffany and Brooke, welcome you to our family! Pictured also is Bo, our white American Bulldog and my very best buddy on earth. Our little three legged Italian Greyhound, the oldest of our 4 legged family, is named Kaluha. Then there's our Chiweenie, Cardi, who runs things around here. Cant forget our three cats who think Bo is they're Daddy; Meisha (Russian Blue who is Pterodactyl), Gevani, the escape artist (Black, white, and grey), and the Tabby cat named Baby G, who is autistic and clef lipped. Hes the one who nurses still after 3 years every night on my neck and chest! Our new girls, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, are Chloe May (Tricolor Queen) and Lanie Lou, (our golden submissive). Lanie and Chloe enjoy their brushing and grooming each night for about an hour from 7:30-8:30. Not pictured are the adoptive kids and families we've collected and loved over 8 years.

Born In Crises

I have a strong background in Chemical formulating as it relates to the carpet, upholstery, and drapery cleaning industry. I began my first company at 18. Raised by a single mom, I had grown tired of watching my mother be mistreated at her waitress job. I started Mother and Sons Carpet Cleaning to relieve her life of sore feet and hurt pride. It went very well. I was using "Organic Solvents" as a part of our service because the local supplier recommended them. This was before the "Green" movement. Since the cleaning agents were "Organic" no PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) was recommended. I wish someone would have told me that rattlesnake venom is also organic!

In the beginning of 2008, by this time married with a newborn (Bella), I began to feel bad all the time. Fatigue, headaches, and anxiety that would lead to depression, began to mark my life. Incrementally, my life had darkened.  One night the, day before Christmas, I woke up in the middle of the night doubled over in agony and rushed to the hospital. I only purchased products classified as organic and baby and pet safe."Green" had really took off in my industry. I was diagnosed with acute Pancreatitis. Here's how the rest of this story goes... these falsely advertised products under the phony protections of the completely phony Toxic Substances Act of 1976 gave the right to chemical manufacturers NOT to disclose the 80+ thousand toxic substances that were grandfathered into the act. The Act, thought to be protective measures for the public, became the very enemy of the public. 

And so these organic, baby and pet safe, natural, non toxic, "Green" products had bio accumulated in my body and nearly destroyed a 200 pound man. Can you imagine the strain these "safe" products place upon the biology of a baby or a small animal?

One might say, "But I only get my carpets cleaned once a year". Let me explain something to you now. The TSCA of 1976 and the toxic effects upon human and animal life affects everything all around you. Its everywhere. And these products that I will expose on our blog and FAQ page are bio-accumulating in your kids and pets. This is a very large part of why we are so chronically ill in this country. 


I set about  to find cleaning agents to use with my equipment right away. The bottle said it was safe, green, etc... but when I looked at the Material Safety Data Sheet that all of these cleaning agents are required to have, another story was being told. Not only could I not find products to use that would not continue the cycle of sickness, fatigue, and anxiety, I learned that what I needed to continue in the industry I loved actually did not even exist. Reluctantly, and with a broken heart, I left the only way I knew how to provide for my family. So... I got into the ministry! But that is a story for another day.


Over that first year, away from the industry, I learned how cleaning chemicals were formulated. I read and studied for countless hours. My findings were shocking. I was sad. I was angry. I missed the customers and serving families and businesses. I missed it all. 


And then one night I awoke having had a dream and a very clear thought process upon awaking. "Your going to formulate plant, fruit, soy, mineral, and vegetable cleaning solutions". 


Renewed and with fresh life, and honestly a bit of contempt for "Big-Chem" and the misinformed industry I loved, I decided to "Take on the man". Within six months go green launched. 


The stuff I had begun to formulate was far off the grid... but it could out-clean everything and anything I had ever used! Not only was it TRULY green, it was better. The business took off...

Residentially, we were in great demand. Commercially, we began to collect fans that wanted what we had created. In 3 years we had landed, The Angus Barn, Frankie's Fun Park, Renaissance Hotel, 4 Marriott properties, and many more. In the 4th year I lost my wife unexpectedly. I found myself virtually alone with 2 daughters ages 3 and 4. A decision had to be made. Was I going to continue to build the freshest idea that had hit the industry in years, or was I going to be a father? Were strangers going raise my girls, or was I?

I once again took a long walk into the unknown, kept only a select clientele, semi-retired and raised my children. During this 8 year stretch I was remarried to the love of my life, added a bunch of animals, moved into a quiet pasture, and began to home-school my kids. We have lived a simple life, a life filled with love. 


I knew there would be a moment that I'd return to what I loved.

One question began to roll around in my mind, "How can I re-formulate and is it possible to create food-grade cleaning agents"? Six weeks before Covid-19 hit I bought the most amazing equipment money can buy and had begun to perfect the new intellectual property.


Then the greatest crises in modern history happened...

As I sit here now, as I've sat many times before, there is a birthing, a pioneering, an adventure to be lived in the middle of great crises. And so the steel of a mans fortitude, of the fortitude of a vision, of a family, a culture, a people... often must be forged in the flames of adversity.


And so welcome to Evolve by go green.

We are people who love people and animals.

We have once again created something that has not existed before.

We desire to be good for the lives and the hearts of others.

We would be honored at the chance to earn your trust and promise not to misuse it!


Welcome to our family.

Welcome to the real world.

Welcome us back by giving us a call to discuss your project... or our goats!


This is our story.

This is us.


Thank you for your time,


William F.A. Long Jr

(919) 495-3026

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