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Asked Questions

Image by Jon Tyson

Q. Your guarantee says that you will deliver, "The healthiest, most effective, cleaning you've ever seen or its FREE". Do you really mean that and why would you risk that much?

A. Yes, we understand that it sounds bold. Yes, we can deliver on that promise. And we don't see it as a risk at all... because we do it day in and day out. There's no sense running a business and not striving to be the best! 

Q. It seems that you guys are pretty hard on competition. Whether or not they use your types of formulas or even have an interest in safer chemicals, dont you think your being too hard?

A. That's a very good question! All people are created equal... but all ideas are not. And not all ideas should be tolerated. If you have read the "Our Story" page, you would know that this is personal and important to us. For us, and we do not demand that anyone agree with us, the misinformation and allusions in the claims of companies and cleaning products, as being "Safe", when in fact they are not, is an idea that is completely intolerable. We respect and value the people in our industry... but we will stand against industry lies and misinformation. We also feel it is a high honor to blow the whistle on Big-Chem... who must be challenged... seeing they are making people sick.Any gimmick that makes a parent of a small child, or the parent of a precious animal, feel safe when they are not... is fair game to us. Period.

Q. Is your formula for cleaning carpet actually drinkable?

A. Yes! Our basic formula for preconditioning textiles and extracting textiles is totally drinkable! There are times, though, when to accomplish a finished product that we will deviate. Examples: Urine, gum, and other issues. In those cases we utilize natural, though not drinkable options. 

We want to make unnecessary chemicals OBSOLETE. The industry as it stands now... is brutal and archaic 

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