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Covid 19

Corona Virus

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This is Personal


Not only has this virus affected our economy and way of life... it has struck fear into the hearts of millions of people. Media has been helpful and it has also been unhelpful. This is personal so I want to address this in a personal way on this page of our site. Like many others we were hit very hard with the shutdown. For 8 years our primary clientele have been large commercial Brands. In a single day, one single moment, all of them closed. Most of my business and entrepreneurial pursuits, if you've read the Our Story page, have been birthed in the fires of adversity. This is the time for better ideas and I see that more clearly than I ever have.

Covid Facts

The fact is that this virus is quite easy to deactivate... or should be. Unlike other viruses we have seen that have an outer envelope of protein, which makes them hard to kill/deactivate, Covid-19, has a lipid/fat outer envelope. We have, in our possession, a "Thyme Oil" solution for use in this fight. Yes... Thyme, the herb we cook with! This solution is a hospital grade disinfectant, EPA labelled! It is verified to kill SARS, H1N1, HIV, and much more.


Now, you can see in this time, many carpet cleaning companies adding virus type advertising, trying, no doubt, to cash in on this pandemic. Since the genesis of our brand nearly 12 years ago, we have had viral and other microbiological language as our primary messaging, part of the very building blocks of every cleaning service.


This is a time for us all to ask better questions than we have been currently asking. It is a time for hard work, a time for us to work together.

For me, I can see that today may belong to the dinosaurs than control my industry and much of our world... but tomorrow belongs to the futurist, to the brave, the righteous, the revolutionary, and the free. Tomorrow belongs to us.


Be strong

Be brave

Love hard

Think well


Thank you for visiting this page!

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